Tuesday, March 09, 2010

A reasonable facsimile of Baltimore

This snug row of buildings along Broadway, just a little southwest of the Off Broadway night club, has always been one of my favorites. The grade of the street and the turn in the road reminds of the style of architecture you see all around Baltimore.

Some say St. Louis is the "western-most eastern US city", and buildings like this show it. The historic collection is located in the Marine Villa neighborhood (or is it Benton Park?), near one of the city's historic fire houses.

With its historic charm, tavern feel, and roadhouse location, this spot reminds me of the places back east where you find neighborhood seafood restaurants, where the owners spread newspapers over the table, serve cold beer, steamed crabs, crackers, chowder, and good times.

Can you picture an establishment like that filling in the side by side permastone covered store front spaces?


James McKee said...

That is our beloved Marine Villa :)

Aaron said...

I'm right around the corner from this strip and i've always loved it as well. I wish that the businesses along this row were more appealing to me (bars/diners/local retail), but at least the strip is occupied by good businesses who take care of their buildings.

Vernon said...

i live not to far from this corner also , and i would love to see it saved and become a new hot spot to eat , drink and just have a good cup of coffee !! :-)