Monday, March 01, 2010

"...most heedless example of highway planning in the age of urban renewal."

St. Louis Post Dispatch on removal of I-70 lanes adjacent Arch, riverfront.

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Ben West said...

My hometown of Louisville, KY has seen its share of spirited debate over the acres of interstate concrete (I64, I72, I65) that gird its riverfront, along with attendant debates about if and where to build new bridges. I fondly remember seeing bumper stickers that read "Pave the River!" last decade.

A great model for St. Louisians to emulate is Louisville's grassroots project 86-64 at

During a recent visit there, I saw brochures and promo material for 86-64 in coffee shops, boutique stores, and similar small business all over town. Why not have something similar here?