Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Synchronizing Traffic Signals on a New Memorial Drive?

If I-55 and I-70 were connected through downtown via a new Memorial Drive, would synchronized traffic signals help keep traffic moving through the connection, reduce travel times, and conserve gasoline?

On YouTube:

Cities Try to Get Traffic Lights In Sync


Anonymous said...

I definitely support the removal of Interstate 70 throughout downtown and the rebuilding of a new an improved Memorial (Boulevard).

However, I would hope that the least the city could do would be to synchronize the signals on that stretch to accommodate traffic. I remember reading in the Suburban Journals about an effort to synchronize the major intersections throughout the city. That was about six or seven years ago, and a not-so-quick drive through south St. Louis can prove that many signals remain on the old-fashion timers and are not part of a synchronized system.

Why has that taken so long? Think of all the fuel that is wasted, the traffic tie-ups that are unnecessary, and the inevitable accidents that occur as people run lights when they shouldn't.

So bring on a new and improved Memorial Drive with synchronized lights, but in the meantime, it'd be nice to see the city make similar improvements throughout the city as well.

Millard Hiner said...

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